Nicole Willis, Production Accountant at Centrica Energy and CAPPA member, speaks on behalf of CAPPA at Lakeland College’s Petroleum Management Program for Senior Field Personnel in the Oil and Gas Industry April 2015

“Being asked by CAPPA to speak at the Lakeland College Petroleum Marketing Certificate program in Olds was an honor. It was an exhilarating experience and to be able to share with the field in thorough detail who we are as PA’s was amazing. It was great having the field team partake in the classroom discussion and I’m glad I was able to show them scenarios where PA’s do much more than “just accounting”. I was able to go into detail where, if the field works closely with their PA, there are times where together we’re able to either recover money for the company or charge out extra fees in the field and in the office  I had the opportunity to go deep into the complexities of our properties flow.  These examples were never shown to or explained to the field before so they were able to get an even better insight into who we are as production accountants. The field took a great interest in learning more about our reporting calendar deadlines and we were able to go into detail about Joint venture and Land documentation. Overall, we covered many roles and responsibilities of a Production Accountant and now those field members will be able to better relate to their PA when dealing with us on a monthly basis. My goal in speaking at the college was to hopefully encourage our field staff to always have good communication and working relations with their PA because it will only bring their companies success. I look forward to speaking again.”