Student FAQs

Membership Questions

Who is CAPPA?

CAPPA stands for Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting.

We are a non-profit organization that offers a Production Accounting Certificate program through the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Mount Royal University (MRU). CAPPA is a member-driven association that provides its members with information and resources critical to the profession of production accounting through our website, meetings and seminars for primarily Production and Revenue Accountants. CAPPA also provides opportunities for members to engage in continuing education, networking, social events and business discussion.

What do I get with my CAPPA membership?

A CAPPA membership provides you with preferred pricing on educational luncheons, seminars, conferences and social events as well as exclusive access to invitations, resources, volunteer opportunities and our job board.

How much is a student membership?

Student memberships are $59 plus GST.

Education Questions

What is a CAPPA certificate and how do I get one?

The CAPPA certificate is earned upon the completion of our five required courses (244 hours) with a minimum grade of B- in each course. The certificate must be completed within three years.

Lecture time is 45 hours per course and students are required to complete Petrinex modules outside of class time.

What will I learn in each level?

Please click on the following link for an overview of the CAPPA program. CAPPA Program Overview

What are Petrinex Modules?

The Petrinex Modules are part of the CAPPA program and these modules are required to perform the role of a Production Accountant.

Petrinex serves three distinct functions.

  • It is a central database for all of the volumetric and infrastructure data related to Alberta and Saskatchewan’s upstream oil and gas industry.
  • It is a communication tool enabling stakeholders to exchange accurate information quickly and efficiently (partner reporting and pipeline splits are being implemented).
  • It is an analysis tool. As an analysis tool, Petrinex avoids common mathematical errors by saving the information in its most basic form and then performing calculations as required.

New Petrinex Online Training Platform

When do I have to complete all of the Petrinex Modules?

  • All modules must be completed in order to receive your CAPPA certificate.
  • CAPPA strongly encourages students to complete all Petrinex modules in their profile, related to the particular CAPPA program they are undertaking. As a student enters a new level, the Petrinex modules associated with that level will be added to their profile.
  • CAPPA has estimated that it will take approximately 80 hours to complete all required folders.

 I am not able to access the Petrinex modules. What I am doing wrong?

Students using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or 11 need to set up the compatibility view in order to access their profiles correctly.

Instructions:–  IE10 Setting  click on the Compatibility View button that appears in the Address Bar or:

1) Click on the settings icon in the top right corner when the explorer is open

2) Select F12 developer tools (opens options on bottom of page)

3) Select Browser Mode: and choose IE9 Compatibility Mode

IE11 Setting – click on the settings icon in the top right corner when the explorer is open.

1) Select the Compatibility View Settings item in the drop-down menu

2) Check the “Use Microsoft Compatibility lists” checkbox

IE8 – Petrinex discontinues support of IE8 as of August 2015

Students are encouraged to set the training site under their trusted sites under Internet Options – Security – Trusted sites. (

Popup blockers on computers must be disabled for the training site, at least for the period that students are working on the training website (a number of security applications read the modules as popups).

What if I am still having trouble or have questions?

Students can email Petrinex at:

Where can I take the CAPPA certificate program? Does it matter which institution?

The program is offered in several formats. Daytime programs are offered at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and evening programs, which are lecture based, are offered at both Mount Royal University (MRU) and SAIT.

How do I apply for my CAPPA certificate?

Students who have completed all required courses are to complete an Application for Certificate and submit to your education institute which then gets forwarded to CAPPA.

Application for CAPPA Certificate MRU

Application for CAPPA Certificate SAIT

What is the cost for the CAPPA certificate?

The certificate issuance fee is $79 + GST for current members and $188 + GST for non-members. The fee also provides a CAPPA New Grad membership.

How long will it take to receive my CAPPA certificate?

The CAPPA office will process a graduate’s certificate within 30 days of receiving the approved application  from the institution and Petrinex.

Student Completes CAPPA Certificate in Record Time


What are the pre-requisites?

Please see Pre-requisites and Graduation Requirements

What is the cost for each course?

The cost to take the CAPPA program in classroom (evening) or online is $550.00 for each level.

How do I register?

You can register for the CAPPA program through each institution’s website or by calling the M.R.U or SAIT’s student services phone number. Your registration and payment may be made directly over the phone.

MRU Student Services Phone number: 403.440.5000   SAIT Student Services Phone number: 403.284.SAIT (7248)

What is the passing grade?

Student will need to achieve a minimum grade of B- in order to proceed to the next level and in order to receive a CAPPA Certificate.

Can I take the courses online?

Yes. Both SAIT and MRU offer online delivery of the program.

Where do I take exams if I do the courses online?

Depending on the institution you are enrolled in, there will be specific details around exams.

If I graduated from CAPPA with only level 4 (when only 4 levels were offered) can I take level 5 (which is now part of the current certificate program)? Do I get another certificate? What would be the advantage of doing this?

Yes! You can certainly take level 5 if you graduated with CAPPA level 4. You would then receive a CAPPA level 5 certificate.

The advantage of taking level 5 is that it offers hands on experience in a controlled classroom setting. The instructors are industry experts with many years of experience.

Can I have an extension for level 1-4 online courses?

SAIT and Mount Royal University may allow extensions on Levels 1 to 4 in distance learning. Students have 16 weeks to complete the course and can purchase an extension prior to the end of their course. Please contact the institution directly for more details.

Can I have an extension for level 5?

Only in extenuating circumstances (e.g. if your job takes you out of the country, serious health issues). This will be determined and approved by our CEO.

Students are given 120 days to complete the course, which is deemed more than sufficient time.

I don’t want to register in the program.  Does CAPPA sell stand-along course materials?

No, CAPPA does not sell materials.

How do I get a replacement certificate?

Replacement Certificates may be ordered from the CAPPA office.  CAPPA will require confirmation of successful completion from the education institution.

Cost of Replacement:  $0 for Members   $25 for Non-members

What are the job prospects?

The career outlook for Production Accounting is good, both with the continued growth in the Oil and Gas industry and the future demographic shift as people retire and additional positions open up.  Students with additional degrees and diplomas related to accounting or the oil and gas industry along with the CAPPA certificate will enjoy added career opportunities.

Can my accounting courses, accounting designations or accounting training be used as credits?

No, CAPPA does not accept previous training or accounting designations to be used as credits towards the program, but may qualify for the required pre-requisite.

I took the SAIT EAMS program.  Can I receive credit towards the CAPPA Certificate Program?

Yes, EAMS graduates will receive credit for the Level 1 course and may go directly into Level 2.

Are any CAPPA courses available as credits towards other programs?

Yes, students may be eligible to transfer Level 1 at SAIT towards either the Energy Asset Management Diploma or the Petroleum Land Administration Certificate.

I have worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for some time.  Can I receive credit towards the CAPPA Certificate Program?

Those with industry experience may take the Level 1 (only) challenge exam (once) through Mount Royal University.  Upon passing, you may then enroll directly in Level 2.  Please speak to your MRU advisor for more information.

Can you take all of the courses together at one time?

No, you will need to successfully complete each level (B- passing grade) before you can commence to the next level. You cannot take more than one level at one time.

What is the starting salary?

As a CAPPA member, you can view the Salary Survey, which outlines the salary range for a Production Accountant.

Do I have to be a CAPPA member?   

A CAPPA membership is not mandatory in order to take the CAPPA program; however, CAPPA encourages students to take advantage of the benefits of membership.

CAPPA members receive preferred pricing for: educational luncheons, seminars, conference and social events. Members will also receive up to date industry information, access to the job board, salary and membership survey results and materials from CAPPA presentations.

Can students volunteer for CAPPA?

Yes. Please go to Committee and Volunteer Opportunities.

CPD Luncheon Questions

Why does CAPPA have monthly luncheons and can students attend?

CAPPA CPD Luncheons provide members with continuing professional development opportunities and up-to-date industry change information. CAPPA offers both technical and soft skills topics in order to facilitate well balanced career growth.

You can sign up for luncheons on our luncheons page.

Are luncheons a good networking opportunity for students?

Luncheons are over the noon hour and the presentations take up most of that time, however you will have some pre-presentation time to network with those at your table.


Can I post my resume on the CAPPA website without being a member?

This is a service that CAPPA offers exclusively to its members; you must be a CAPPA member to post your resume or search our job board.

Does CAPPA offer a job board?  

Yes, CAPPA does offer a job board to its members on the CAPPA website at