Partner in Industry Employment (for employers)

Welcome to CAPPA’s Partner in Industry Employment program.   This program provides an opportunity for CAPPA and our Partners in Industry to work together to train and advance the careers of Production Accountants within your organization.

This program is offered at no financial cost and is designed to benefit CAPPA, the student, your staff and your organization.

Industry Partner commits to:

  • Hire CAPPA Production Accounting Certificate Program students (at any time Level 1 through Level 5 & Graduates)
  • Provide six-month Employment Practicum opportunities for successful completion Level 5 students
  • Support one Production Accountant (PA) staff member as a PA Ambassador
  • Host an annual info session for staff onsite with CAPPA
  • All staff PAs will be CAPPA members

CAPPA commits to: 

  • Provide CPD Luncheon, Conference and Event member pricing to all non-PA staff (PAs will be members and already be receiving member pricing)
  • Provide CAPPA website Job Board discount (10%)
  • Extend invitation to participate in Stakeholder Forums
  • Provide CAPPA website exposure at no additional cost to industry partner (displaying logo and /or name)
  • Provide Salary Surveys to Partner HR department

With your acceptance to the Program we will send you a confirmation letter of agreement.  We look forward to working with you and supporting you in this program.

Employers seeking more information about the program, please contact:

Sheila McFadyen, CEO