CAPPA Answers Your FAQ

CPD Luncheons

  1. Why did we move the venue from a downtown hotel to the U of C downtown campus?
    1. The previous pricing model was not sustainable. The hotel venues, while lovely, were at a relatively high cost. Even though the room was booked for a short 90 minute time, the mid-day use prevents the hotel from otherwise renting the room for a day function so a short time booking is higher than one would think. As well, each piece of AV was at a premium charge-out rate (screen, projector, microphone). Because the previous model recovered the food costs only, CAPPA was absorbing the full venue facilities and AV charges placing us in a negative position each luncheon regardless of the number of people who registered.
  2. Why are the CPD Luncheon costs so high at $63 per member?
    1. The previous pricing model was not sustainable. The cost of the [then] 3-course meal plus food and beverage service fees (18% – 20%) plus GST was higher than what was being charged to the registrant. CAPPA was in a position of subsidizing each attendee each luncheon. We are now charging a rate that will cover basic costs.
  3. Will we continue to have the CPD Luncheons at this new venue?
    1. In the short-term the answer is yes. Longer term will be revisited once the economy has improved. Sponsorship of our events would be helpful. The new facilities are at a much more reasonable cost, and we will work with the approved caterers to provide a nice meal.
  4. What is the focus of the CPD Luncheons?
    1. Our focus is on providing continuing professional development that will enhance your current and future careers as well as an opportunity to connect with your colleagues.

CPD Seminars

  1. Why did we move the venue from MRU to the U of C downtown campus?
    1. CAPPA ended our contract with MRU to provide CAPPA Seminars. Previously this was a revenue share arrangement. CAPPA will now host our existing and new Seminars and keep the net proceeds. The U of C downtown campus provides very nice classroom space and is a couple of blocks from the LRT stations. We feel a downtown location will be well received by our members.
  2. Why are the CPD Seminar costs so high at $398 per member?
    1. The Seminar fees have been reduced from the early 2015 and earlier rates of $448 per member. The Seminars are priced so that with a lower registration number we are assured of breaking even and with a higher registration number we can make a profit while offering quality professional development. CAPPA has three primary sources of revenue: 1. Student fees from our certificate program; 2. Member dues; and 3. Continuing Professional Development fees.


  1. I have feedback to provide to CAPPA.  How do I do that?
    1. CAPPA welcomes your feedback at all times and encourages you to contact our CEO Sheila McFadyen at