An Opportunity to network, share ideas & discuss issues with your peers.

Purpose: This online forum was created as a way to collaborate, share ideas and ask questions with your fellow CAPPA members.  The goal is to provide a forum for you to network with your colleagues and provide a friendly medium that will facilitate supporting your work and career.

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What it is not: This is not an opportunity to sell your camper, promote your business, lash out at government (or other), announce your golf score, invite folks to your community party, message the CAPPA office, raise funds for a cause, threaten or curse anyone.   Please keep it strictly professional.

Monitoring: This platform will be monitored to ensure that contributions are within guidelines.

Disclaimer: CAPPA cannot guarantee that any Comments or Answers to Questions are wholly accurate and Members reading or using the feedback or advice should do so with caution and do their own research or verification.