Mentor for a Day

Would you like to mentor for a day? Or half day?

CAPPA continues this exciting and well received (by Member Mentors and SAIT students) program in 2015.

SAIT’s Energy Asset Management Studies (EAMS) second year students are seeking an opportunity to job shadow for a day (or half day). EAMS is a foundation program and upon completion many students will continue their studies in one of: Well Asset Management, Joint Venture, Land, Operations Accounting, Production Accounting (CAPPA Program). EAMS students are often making this decision in their second (last) year.

CAPPA currently supports EAMS students by offering CAPPA student membership, attending EAMS career expos and participating in project displays. CAPPA provides additional support to the student’s decision process by extending this production accounting job shadow opportunity.

What’s involved?

  • You pick the day (November to December 2015)
  • You pick the amount of time (day or half day)
  • You pick the activities you can show the student
  • You decide what meetings, if any, that the student may attend with you

Who can mentor?

  • You should be in a Production Accounting role for two years or more
  • Your employer has provided approval
  • Be willing to provide information and activities displaying typical work of production

Accounting CAPPA/SAIT will provide:

  • A second year student who is considering a career in Production Accounting
  • The name of the student
  • Information to the student as to the day: what to wear, what to bring, what time to arrive, length of day, lunch break information as provided, who to report to, any security information needed for entry

Understandably plans can change, however we do ask that you commit to the date and time as best you can as the student will be working their schedule around attending the job shadow day. No report is asked of the mentor.

If you are interested in this rewarding opportunity to Mentor for a Day, please email providing:

  1. Your name
  2. Your position
  3. Your company and address
  4. Your phone number
  5. Your preferred date or dates
  6. Your preferred time for the scheduled day
  7. Confirmation that your employer has approved
  8. Any dress code information for your organization
  9. Any lunch break information
  10. Any security information needed for entry

Any questions or comments, please contact our office.