CLC – CAPPA Learning Center

Introduction to CAPPA Learning Center – CLC

Welcome to The CAPPA Learning Center – CLC, this new learning center was created so as individuals who are interested in earning their CAPPA Certification or choose to take a specific CAPPA seminar and/or lunch and learn can do so online all at their own pace. CLC has worked closely with Petrinex over the past 12 months to implement our new CAPPA Learning Center. An enrollee in CLC can commence their studies to earn their CAPPA Certification from Course 1 through to Course 10 all at their own pace. In CLC, the courses are standalone courses should an enrollee choose to only take one course for the purpose of interest, change in career or pure knowledge improvement.


Registration for CLC begins July 1st, 2021, and will be done directly through CAPPA.

Enrollees can sign up for a CAPPA Membership for $149 + GST to receive 10% discount on all courses.

Already have a CAPPA Membership? Purchase your first module at the CAPPA Store.

Looking to register without a CAPPA Membership? Head over to the CAPPA Store to purchase a module.


For new CLC enrollees, there are no prerequisites required for online studies through CLC however it is strongly recommended for successful completion of your CAPPA certification that one has the following: financial accounting knowledge, intermediate level of knowledge in Excel as well as an English Comprehension Level 8.

Course Schedule and Fees

Each course in the CAPPA Certification program can be purchased as a standalone course instead of as a bundle. All pricing, course schedule and timeline details are available to you here. Should you need further details regarding specific Course information and details on exactly what each Course material will cover can be found here.


Enrollees who are deemed as returning students or transferring students from another educational institution need to ensure as it is imperative to CAPPA that you provide to CAPPA at your transcripts. This is to ensure new enrollees in CLC start off where they finished off.

Scheduling Exams

With regards to self-study tests and final exams, each course has its own separate set of self-study questions as well as a final exam which will need to be proctored, 120 minutes allotted and done through CAPPA. When ready to write an exam, please reach out to so as a date, time and proctor can be scheduled for your exam. The minimum passing grade for each final exam is 70%. A student earning less than 70% on an exam is entitled to one re-write. A grade of at least 65% is eligible for one free exam re-write. A grade of 65% or less will be eligible for a one time re-write at a cost of $75. Re-writes must be completed before the course completion date. Earning your CAPPA certification through CLC, you are given 48 months in which to complete your CAPPA certification from the first day of the first course you enroll in.

Petrinex Modules

Each CLC enrollee interested in pursuing their CAPPA Certification will also be required to complete the Petrinex module hours found in each CLC course. Details for Petrinex module hours are provided to you once enrolled in your course.

We anticipate wonderful results for all of our CLC enrollees and wish all of you the best.

Please check out the Student FAQs for more information.