Pre-requisites & Graduation Requirements

CAPPA Certificate Program Pre-requisites & Graduation Requirements

Financial Accounting (effective September 1, 2015 (fall semester) for student enrollment after June 30, 2015) – CAPPA requires (through the educational institute of your choice) the pre-requisite of the successful completion of a basic Financial Accounting course prior to entry to Level 4 of the CAPPA program.  The choice of completed course that you bring to your admission request should include:

An Introduction to:

  • The accounting framework, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Financial Statement preparation
  • Accounting concepts such as accounting for Cash, Accounts Receivable, Assets, Liabilities, Sales and Inventories
  • Debits and Credits, Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • The accounting cycle, GL, specialized journals
  • Assumptions, constraints

SAIT’s Oil and Gas Production Accounting course (“OGPA 201”) is an example of a course which fulfills this requirement SAIT OGPA-201

Excel (effective September 1, 2019 (fall semester) for student enrollment after June 30, 2019) CAPPA requires successful completion of the Excel pre-requisite prior to enrollment in Course 2.  Students may take the excel course at the institution with which they are enrolled in the CAPPA program, at CAPPA or elsewhere as long as it meets the content coverage listed below:

  • Create a basic worksheet by using Microsoft Excel
  • Perform calculations in an Excel worksheet
  • Modify an Excel worksheet
  • Modify the appearance of data within a worksheet
  • Manage Excel workbooks
  • Print the content of an Excel worksheet
  • Organize worksheet and table data using various techniques
  • Collaborate with other workbook users
  • Analyze data within Excel
  • Work with multiple workbooks
  • Import and export data
  • Create and edit professional-looking spreadsheets
  • Apply basic skill sets along with some intermediate to advanced functions to manage and audit numerical reports
  • Formatting such as VLOOKUP, SUMIF or use PIVOT TABLES
  • Understanding how to create and use PivotTables
  • Creating a PivotTable using drag-and-drop
  • Grouping your data
  • Creating additional calculated fields and items in your PivotTable
  • Sorting and filtering your PivotTables

English Comprehension – CAPPA strongly recommends that ESL students achieve an English comprehension of a minimum of Level 8 of the Canadian Language Benchmark Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test.  Please access the Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement test on  (This is a recommendation and not a pre-requisite at this time.)

Your pre-requisite will be reviewed and approved by the educational institute that you are enrolling in.

CAPPA also requires all students to complete additional online training modules provided by CAPPA and Petrinex (web-based reporting system). The fee for each course includes access to the online Petrinex modules and your educational institute will facilitate access.  Please see our Student FAQ page for more information.

Application for CAPPA Certificate for SAIT Students

Application for CAPPA Certificate for MRU Students