This article is the fifth of six in a series dedicated to job search strategies and career management tools.

By Lise Stransky
Senior Associate, Employment Initiatives CAPPA

Want to maximize your profile on LinkedIn? Here are two simple tactics to help – choosing keywords and increasing your connections.

KEYWORDS: Using keywords throughout your profile will increase your chances of being found on LinkedIn. Not only is it important to choose targeted keywords, but it is also important to sprinkle them throughout your profile. LinkedIn is NOT just an online resume. LinkedIn is YOUR ONLINE BRAND.

This image from Hubspot shows a few places where you can maximize the use of your chosen keywords:

HR-5-6To start building your network, consider these tools:

  • Add connections: using your email. LinkedIn will not send batch or mass emails to those in your inbox. It is up to you to select who you would like to connect with, and only then will invitations be sent.
  • People You May Know: Identifies existing LinkedIn members that you might know to help you grow your network. Usually appears near the top right of your homepage.
  • Who’s Viewed Your Profile: Helps you understand who’s been looking at your profile and how often you’ve appeared in search results. Found on your home page and profile page.
  • Viewers of This Profile Also Viewed: This module shows some of the profiles that viewers of your profile also looked at. Found on “view profile as” page.
  • Groups You May Like: Identifies existing groups on LinkedIn that may interest you. Maximum 50
  • Companies You May Want to Follow: Shows companies you may be interested in and want to follow to get notified when their Company Page gets updated.
  • Search function
  • Invitations to connect can be sent to anyone you know and trust. 50 per day
  • Introductions can be sent through one of your direct connections to help you communicate with a LinkedIn member who is a 2nd-degree connection.
  • InMail messages are private messages that allow you to directly contact any LinkedIn member who isn’t a 1st degree connection, while protecting the recipient’s privacy.

Just like connecting and networking in person has a certain etiquette, I recommend a certain etiquette online when networking via LinkedIn.

  • Congratulate people
  • Endorse or recommend
  • Grow your network, send personalized invites
  • Follow up regularly
  • Send invitations