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Morning Keynote: Business at the Speed of NOW!

In this session Steve Dotto will dive into the seeds of change, and how we react to it. We will explore how social media is changing our value system, effecting our relationships, jobs and industry. Most importantly, he will arm you with a better understanding of the forces that you probably feel you have little or no control over.

Steve Dotto Session Info
Noon Keynote: High Performance Recovery

Given increase work load, level of uncertainty, and shifting expectations of the workforce there are more demands on production accountants than ever before. This keynote will explore high-performance principles, mental fitness competencies, and recovery strategies required to manage stress, sustain energy, and optimize performance in demanding and ever-changing contexts. Borrowing concepts from performance psychology, recovery theory and elite sport learn how to manage pressure and boost recovery practices so to improve output over a sustained period of time.

Dr. Karen MacNeill Session Info
Breakout Sessions
Alberta Energy Compliance & Audit

In this session we will look at Alberta Natural Gas Royalties. The department will review specific areas of audit, touching on expectations, common issues and challenges. The session will also include guidance in how to reduce audit time.

Robert Sonego

Ye Kan

Dada Adetoyi

Brian Barnes

Session Info
Conflict Resolution ( 2 Sessions Available)

Learning Outcomes:

  • To gain skills for effectively managing strong emotions and challenging communications
  • To develop effective communication skills
  • To develop practical strategies for effectively moving past conflict into more productive and satisfying work relationships
Sue Wazny Session Info
GIS & GOR – What are these?

In this session we will look at detailed examples of where and how GIS (Gas in Solution) factors and GOR (Gas-to-Oil Ratios) should be used, how they are reported, and also describe the different methods to determine these factors.

We will then review how to interpret GIS results from the labs for use by the Production Accountant.

This will be followed by a review of examples of the needed controls to manage these factors as part of the reporting activities for Vent or Flare under EPAP Themes 10 and/or Theme 13.

Pascal Bonnet Session Info
Freehold and Overriding Royalties

In this session, we will look at the variety of royalty interest structures such as Freehold Lessor Royalties and various types of Overriding Royalties including sliding scale, net profit , net carried and production volume royalties.

Kathy Luther

Jennifer Martin

Session Info
How to achieve a leaner, meaner EPAP Program

This presentation will focus on how to improve the quality and efficiency of EPAP programs within producer companies. Attendees will be provided time-tested, proven ways to reduce their EPAP costs/fees, while maintaining and/or improving levels of compliance. Core EPAP requirements vs “nice to have” tasks will be identified and discussed. Differences between AB and SK EPAP requirements will be outlined.

Ali Hasnain Session Info
Integration of North American Heavy Crude Oil Market

Increasing volumes of Canadian heavy oil from the oil sands are expected to make their way down to the United States Gulf Coast region.  The US Gulf Coast is home to the world’s largest concentration of heavy complex refineries—an ideal match for growing Canadian heavy supply from the oil sands. This presentation explores the long-term relationship potential between US Gulf Coast heavy oil refiners and upstream oil sands heavy oil suppliers.

Vijay Muralidharan Session Info
Joint Venture Accounting Basics for Production Accountants

Production Accountants – want to know more about Joint Venture Accounting?  This session is an ideal introduction to the basics of Joint Venture Accounting.

This workshop is an interactive, instructor-led session. Participants will develop an understanding of Joint Venture Accounting basics by looking at specific examples and through class discussion.

Kent Geddes Session Info
Measurement Schematics 101

This presentation is an introduction to Measurement Schematic.  The session will attempt to outline the following basics to the participants:

  • What is / is not a Measurement Schematic
  • Common symbology
  • How to read schematics
  • Group Exercise
  • Things you can you learn from Measurement Schematics
  • Importance of proper Fuel Gas identification
  • Other errors / anomalies / atypical items that can be found in Measurement Schematics
  • Monthly Maintenance and use of Measurement Schematics
Pascal Bonnet Session Info
Modernized Royalty Framework (MRF) C* and Drilling and Completions Cost Reporting

The Modernized Royalty Framework (MRF) was a product of the 2015 Royalty Review Panel report and was implemented effective January 2017.  In this session, we will look at the definition of MRF and C* in order to help attendees gain an understanding of the changes to the royalty framework . We will examine the 3 phases of MRF and discuss the “how to’s” of the required Drilling and Completion Cost reporting. We will also look at the reports and tools that are provided to industry through Petrinex.

Trevor Flood and Filmon Yohannes Session Info
Oil Sands Royalty Reporting – Why is as important as how!

Join us for a discussion on why oil sands royalty reporting is important to oil sands producers and how reporting plays a key role in the future of the oil sands royalty regime. We will explore the various types of oil sands royalty reporting and discuss where the information goes, what it’s potential uses are within government and demonstrate the benefits of quality reporting for producers and government.

The session will focus on the life cycle of an oil sands project and the reporting required at various stages. We will illustrate the financial impact of royalty oil sands royalty reporting and the critical role production and revenue accounting plays in achieving success!

Kevin Pollock Session Info
Petrinex on the move!

This presentation will look at our current areas of focus including our implementation projects for British Columbia, Indian Oil and Gas Canada, and Manitoba.  Additional areas of focus to be discussed are new and/or updated functionality and initiatives in Petrinex including Stakeholder changes being brought forward as Petrinex enthusiastically moves forward in embracing the future in our ongoing pursuit of petroleum information excellence.

Wally Goeres and Ross Weaver Session Info
Proposed Regulatory Changes & the Future of Canadian Production Accounting

With recent changes initiated by the Federal Government and potential Provincial Government changes being developed with Industry regarding the Methane Emissions and other regulatory reporting regimes changes, the role of the Production Accountant is more important than ever. This presentation will provide an overview of some of these changes and identify the potential role(s) that the Production Accountant can play in addressing the changed future business environment that we are headed for. Recent International Experience will be discussed as well in highlighting how other countries/regions deal with these roles.

Wayne Olson Session Info
Respect in the Workplace ( 2 Sessions Available)

Learning Outcomes:

  • To distinguish between what is bullying/harassing behaviour and what is not
  • To build an awareness of the legal obligations employers have to ensure a safe and respectful workplace
  • To identify what to do if people feel they are not being respected (or being harassed)
  • To identify effective responses in addressing concerns from others about behaviour
Sue Wazny Session Info
Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy & Resources

In this session we will review Saskatchewan’s Oil and Gas Royalty System and receive important updates on the implementation of the province’s new Accelerated Waterflood Development Program.

Bruce Wilhelm  Session Info
Professional Photos

CAPPA offers 2 complimentary professional photos to each conference attendee!  Use these for your website, LinkedIn page or other use.

Please see the Agenda page for available times.

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