Using the Right Meter for the Job

November 4, 2016
8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Correct metering is the key component for delivering accurate volumes for production accountants to use in reporting. Without the foundation of proper measurement at all points in operations gathering numbers, there is no accuracy in the volumes reported.

A production accountant requires firm, accurate meter readings in which to base their allocation, royalty calculation, revenue reporting and Petrinex submissions.

This half day seminar will cover the fundamental aspects of metering. Volumetric correction of those numbers to standard conditions will be discussed. As well as how to distinguish between metering used at the wellhead vs. the sales meters.

Topics Covered

  • Difference in accuracy needs between wellsite/allocation and custody transfer metering for oil and gas
  • Meters used at well/allocation sites
  • Meters used at custody transfer metering sites
  • Calculating volume from meter readings for gas and oil, and the affect of pressure and temperature
  • Meter proving
  • Troubleshooting problem volumes

Workshop format

This workshop is a highly interactive, instructor-led session. Participants will develop an understanding of calculation of corrected gas and oil volumes. Also covered is metering at different points in gathering systems. These will be covered by working through examples of both during the workshop.

Who will benefit

This course is intended for production accountants who are concerned with the accuracy of the volumes they are using. This course will appeal to participants who are looking to further their expertise in the origin of the volumetrics that they use in their everyday jobs. This will help the production accountant in their dialogue with field operations and ensuring the accuracy of the volumes presented to them at month-end.

Speaker: Maureen Evers-Dakers