Val Pinard

val-pinardQ: Tell us how long you have been a Production Accountant (PA)?

A: I have been a Production Accountant since 2007.  I started as a Student at Talisman (now Repsol) right after I finished my CAPPA certificate.

Q: What is your current role/company?

A: I am a Senior Production Accountant for Husky Energy doing full cycle production accounting for a complex gas plant.

Q: Tell us what you most enjoy about your current role.

A: I love a desk with some complexities.  I like the challenge of digging in and solve problems.

Q: What have some of your roles/companies been over the years?

A: Prior to moving into the Oil & Gas Industry, I had worked at the phone company TELUS (and AGT) for 25 years where I performed many jobs from ranging from digging trenches for buried cable, to Project Managing and Training. Since coming into this industry in 2007 I have always been a Production Accountant.  I have worked for Talisman Energy (now Repsol), NAL Resources, Veresen (a midstream company) and now Husky Energy.  I have had the luxury of working with some great people along the way and had some great mentors.  I assisted with a 4 year rework of a gas plant while I was at NAL and this allowed me the luxury of stepping away from deadlines for about a year which in turn meant I could focus on learning a lot about measurement, schematics and allocations.  This experience has served me well as I moved into other companies and roles.

Q: Tell us about some of the roles/activities you have done as a CAPPA Volunteer

A: I have always wanted to help others so decided that one way to do this would be to volunteer.  Earlier this year I managed the invites and registration for the Annual Awards night.  I have assisted with the hosting of the CAPPA monthly luncheons.  I have attended workshops as a member of the Education Advisory Committee to provide some input into the re-write of the CAPPA course curriculum.  I have also helped out at the CAPPA Education Days by assisting with the registration.

Q: What is the key benefit you see as a CAPPA member?

A: Being actively involved in CAPPA helps me to keep abreast of industry changes.  It also allows for some networking and sharing of knowledge which is always helpful, as you never know when you might need some advice on an issue that requires expertise outside of the company I currently work for.

Q: Do you have any advice to Junior PAs just starting their careers?

A: Don’t give up.  Times are tough right now, but there is a place for Junior PA’s in the industry right now as companies are trying to save costs.  Be enthusiastic about your work and strive to learn all you can.  If you can find a good mentor, you will certainly benefit.  There’s a lot to learn when just starting out so be patient but keep learning.

Q: Anything else you would like to tell us?

A: I can say I honestly love my job.  Being organized and striving to get things right is an asset in this role.  I love helping people and love sharing my knowledge.  I have been known to say that “trouble shooting and problem solving is like the crossword puzzle of being a Production Accountant – it’s fun”.