Denise Hartung

Q. How long have you been doing Production Accounting?

A. I began my career in Production Accounting July 1985. I remember it clearly as I moved from small town Rocky Mountain House to the big city of Calgary to take on a position as a clerk in the Production Accounting department with Amerada Hess Corporation. (I had no idea at the time what all was involved within the production accounting world)

Q. How did you come to choose this as your career?

A. I was working in Rocky Mountain House at the Amerada Ferrier Gas Plant as a receptionist/file clerk/purchase order, AFE administrator. My boyfriend was in Calgary and I knew I liked accounting so I had asked to be considered for a move to the Calgary office. Any department that dealt with numbers was okay with me. Lucky for me it was a role in the Production Accounting department that became available. Amerada transferred me to Calgary, during Stampede week July 1985. (On a side note – I married above mentioned boyfriend, July 1986, and we are looking forward to celebrating our 32nd anniversary in 2018)

Q. When did you get your Certificate in Production Accounting?

A. I completed my CAPPA certificate May 1988. I took it at Mount Royal College (now MRU) through the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension. I was fortunate that my employer covered my costs to get my certification.

Q. Do you have any other industry certificates?

A. Working for junior/intermediate size E&P companies has allowed me hands on experience in other areas within the industry including Land , Joint Venture and Operations. I have supplemented my CAPPA education with a Petroleum Land Administration Certificate, Petroleum Joint Venture Administration Certificate and Petroleum Joint Venture Analyst Certificate. I enjoy learning and like the added value I can contribute to the workplace with having the additional education. I was also able to carry the responsibility of a full operations accounting position for a couple of junior corporations over the years and I supplemented my experience by working towards my Certified Management Accountant by completing Levels I and II. Completing the Prosci Change Management Certification in 2017 was a real eye opener for me. Change is everywhere, including the Production Accounting world, and the tools I learned in the Prosci training have come in handy.

Q. What is your current role?

A. Currently I am consulting with a few junior E&P companies doing everything from wellhead volumetrics to operations accounting, reporting to the trail balance stage. I am also very excited to be working with a new start up corporation …… stay tuned!!

Q. How did you come to your current role?

A. Back in 1991 I made the decision to step out on my own and established Renco Accounting Services Ltd., a consulting company specializing in all areas of production, revenue, royalty, joint venture accounting. I have had the privilege of working with some great clients through the years, some on long term contracts and others for shorter periods of time or on specific projects.

Q. Tell us about what you value most about being a CAPPA member?

A. There are many things I value about being a CAPPA member. The interaction with other members is a highlight. So often I find myself buried in work and deadlines and I forget about networking and the comradery of being in the presence of other production accountants.

Q. Tell us about ways that you like to interact with your professional association.

A. Attending CAPPA training, luncheons, conferences and events, as well as volunteering , when possible, definitely adds value not only to my career but to me as person.

Q. What advise do you have for those coming into a career in Oil & Gas or into production accounting?

A. Don’t forget to stay, be, or get involved with people in all areas of your current discipline. There is great value added to your career by doing so. And a great way to do that is by being an active CAPPA member.