Cheryl Mahoney

Q: When did you receive your Certificate in Production Accounting?

A: I graduated in 1994

Q: Tell us a little bit about your history with CAPPA

A: As a member I first volunteered to be on the CAPPA education committee in the late nineties. After 2 years on the committee, I was nominated to the CAPPA board. I was elected to be the Education Director which I held for about 8 years. During that time we developed level 5; it was massive amounts of work.  Ultimately this led me  to teach at SAIT and MRU.

Q: Tell us about some of the ways you are currently involved with the work of CAPPA

A: I’m still a CAPPA instructor and sit on the Education Advisory Group with CAPPA.

Q: What is your current role/company?

A: I’m Team Lead with Seven Generations Energy.

Q: Tell us what you most enjoy about your current role.

A: I work with outstanding people in my company. I feel very honored & blessed to be part of such a great organization.

Q: What have some of your roles/companies been over the years?

A: Most of the companies I’ve worked for don’t exist anymore; many mergers. My first one happened in 1984.

Q: What do you like to do outside of your career?

A: I love to spend time with my family. I also love to go to Mexico.

Q: What is the key benefit you see in CAPPA membership?

A: For me being involved with CAPPA has been very rewarding. Luncheons and the Conferences have been a great way for me to keep in touch with the many students I’ve taught over the years. I love having access to the CAPPA roster to network with people in the same career as me. I’ve also used the CAPPA website when I was looking for a Production Accountant.

Q: Do you have any advice to Junior PAs just starting their careers?

A: My advice would be to make looking for a Production Accounting position a daily task. It’s tough out there right now, but anything worth having is worth the effort. You might have to send out hundreds of resumes but it really is worth the effort. Also make sure you are in LinkedIn.

Q: Anything else you would like to tell us?

A: I’m very fortunate to have worked this many years with a very wonderful Association as CAPPA. I’d guess that I’ve met thousands of people over the years with my membership & involvement with the Association. CAPPA also gave me the opportunity to become a CAPPA instructor which I love to do. I was also very honored to be given the Lifetime Achievement Award.