IOGC Royalties and Gas Cost Allowance (GCA)

November 4, 2016
2:50 pm – 4:20 pm

A variety of Industry players have operations on First Nation lands in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba, producing both Oil and Gas. Royalties are collected and administered by IOGC (Indian Oil and Gas Canada) on behalf of the First Nations. The royalty collected by IOGC for both Oil and Gas is estimated to be approximately $100 million this fiscal year.  As with other jurisdictions, activity levels on First Nation lands is currently experiencing a curtailment, however, it is optimistically anticipated that there will be increased activity levels in the future.

As an accountant responsible for IOGC royalties and/or GCA, it is important to understand how working with IOGC is different from the provinces and be able to identify the unique characteristics & requirements in conducting business with IOGC.

Topics covered:


  • Introduction to IOGC
  • IOGC’s Royalty Life Cycle
  • Electronic Data Submission
  • Monthly Transactions
  • Upcoming Changes

Gas Cost Allowance

  • Annual Business Cycle
  • Differences with Provinces
  • Calculation Methodologies
  • Upcoming changes

Who will benefit:

Those who currently report on operations on First Nation lands, or may move into a future role involved in reporting on operations on First Nation lands will benefit from this session.

Speakers: Olga Matsula, Twila Watcheston, and Allison Monnery

Olga Matsula Twila Watcheston Allison Monnery