GIS & GOR – What are these?

In this session we will look at detailed examples of where and how GIS (Gas in Solution) factors and GOR (Gas-to-Oil Ratios) should be used, how they are reported, and also describe the different methods to determine these factors.

We will then review how to interpret GIS results from the labs for use by the Production Accountant.

This will be followed by a review of examples of the needed controls to manage these factors as part of the reporting activities for Vent or Flare under EPAP Themes 10 and/or Theme 13.


  • Differences between GIS/GOR
  • Different locations for where GIS applies
    • SWB Tank Venting
    • Group Tank Venting
    • Well Test and Oil production correction
    • Source water wells associated gas production
  • Methods to determine GOR
    • Lab Sample
    • Field production tests
    • Use of representative GOR
    • Facility level GORs
  • Methods to determined GIS
    • Lab Sample
    • AER Rule of thumb
    • GIS factor versus GIS rate
    • Use of representative GIS
  • Examples of the different lab results
  • EPAP Theme 13 – Calculation Factors
    • Controls examples for GIS/GOR

Speaker: Pascal Bonnet