How to achieve a leaner, meaner EPAP Program

This presentation will focus on how to improve the quality and efficiency of EPAP programs within producer companies. Attendees will be provided time-tested, proven ways to reduce their EPAP costs/fees, while maintaining and/or improving levels of compliance. Core EPAP requirements vs “nice to have” tasks will be identified and discussed. Differences between AB and SK EPAP requirements will be outlined.

A second phase of the presentation will be geared towards the “day to day” PA performing the monthly accounting and reporting process. Topics to be discussed will be how to improve communication between PA and Field Staff, Top areas where PA effort will result in direct cost and time savings in achieving compliance.

Finally, the EPAP Compliance Assessment Report will be discussed, but as attendees will already know about this report, what will be explored are all the indicators the Regulators in AB and in SK have focused upon, and typical cause/resolution of such indicators.

Level of Learning: Intermediate to Advanced

Learning outcomes
This presentation will enable EPAP Decision Makers (e.g. PA Supervisors) to:
• Understand what EPAP core requirements are, and how to separate core EPAP from “nice to have” tasks.
• Identify the subtle differences between AB and SK requirements.
• Find ways to reduce their annual EPAP costs, which maintaining a desired level of compliance.

This presentation will help Production Accountants:
• Understand where they can help in creating a more efficient EPAP program.
• Identify ways to improve their communication with the Field.
• Gain an appreciation for the Compliance Assessment Indicator (CAI) report and how it fits with the broader compliance program. Know all about the Top-10 indicators followed up on by Regulators since 2011.

Speaker: Ali Hasnain