Gas Allocations for Production Accountants

November 4, 2016
8:30 am – 4:00 pm

The Gas Allocations course has been structured as an interactive program.  This course is a fast paced program covering material that typically would be covered in a longer session.

As a production accountant, a thorough knowledge of allocations is required to understand how production accounting systems allocate hydrocarbons for gas plants and the requirements for equitable allocations. The hands on modules are designed to reinforce the course material while enhancing the production accountants’ abilities to quickly determine allocation or measurement issues.

Topics covered:

This Course Overview and Key topics:

  • History of Allocations
  • Introduction to Allocations
  • Requirements for Performing an Allocation
  • Technical Concepts of Allocations
  • Allocation Procedures
  • Allocations to Owners
  • Allocations to Contracts
  • Where is the Bust in the Allocation?

Workshop format:

This workshop is highly interactive, instructor-led session. Participants will develop a greater understanding of gas plant allocations by working through examples of various allocation methodologies as well as busted allocations.

Who will benefit:

This course is intended for production accountants who have some familiarity with allocations and others who wish a refresher in gas allocations to enhance their expertise. This course will appeal to participants who are looking for a greater understanding of gas allocations so that they can work effectively with other production accountant professionals who are familiar with the intricate details of gas allocations.

Speaker: Mark Flynn