November 3, 2016
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

The AER’s Enhanced Production Audit Program has been in effect since January, 2010 with the first Declaration submitted in 2011.  Every Operator in Alberta is responsible for submitting an Annual EPAP Declaration to the AER attesting to the state of their compliance with Directive requirements.

This seminar will provide information and guidance on developing and administering an EPAP program.  It will provide an understanding of EPAP expectations and deliverables along with risk mitigation and remediation of EPAP evaluation results

Topics covered:

  • EPAP Overview
  • Developing an EPAP Program
  • EPAP Themes, AER Non-Compliance Events
  • What’s New and What’s Changed?
  • Compliance Assessment Indicators
  • AER Workflows
  • How Monthly Volumetric Submissions can Impact Compliance
  • Opportunities and benefits realized from EPAP programs

Speaker: Linda Pruden