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Paycheques getting thinner |December 21, 2016

Employment insurance claims edge higher |December 20, 2016

Bankruptcies tiptoe higher |December 19, 2016

Alberta food producers on the rise |December 16, 2016

Out-migration from Alberta picks up pace |December 15, 2016

No big surprise as oil production falls, but wait |December 14, 2016

Natural gas prices jump up…quietly |December 13, 2016

Livestock prices sliding this fall |December 12, 2016

Housing starts stable, but below 10-year average |December 8, 2016

Keep your eyes peeled for this industry! |December 7, 2016

Exports climb higher in October |December 6, 2016

Oil Advances to 16-Month High as Focus Shifts to Non-OPEC Cuts |December 5, 2016

A glimpse into youth employment trends |December 5, 2016

OPEC Deal Hinged on 2 a.m. Phone Call and It Nearly Failed |December 2, 2016

Unemployment rate hits 22-year high |December 2, 2016

Looks like a lean holiday season for Alberta retailers  |December 1, 2016

How is the energy sector cutting costs? |November 28, 2016

Drilling and Completion Cost Allowance (C*) for new wells (updated November 25, 2016)

Drilling and Completion Cost Allowance (C*) for wells re-entered (updated November 25, 2016)

Propane (extracted and in stream components) (updated November 25, 2016)

Butane (extracted and in stream components) (updated November 25, 2016)

Alberta Department of Energy Gas Royalty Operations November 2016 Information Bulletin

Housing investment showing signs of a recovery |November 25, 2016

Earnings continue to drift lower |November 24, 2016

Employment insurance claims up in September |November 23, 2016

Retail sales unmoved |November 22, 2016

Consumer price increases remain weak |November 18, 2016

Vehicle sales hit the gas pedal in September |November 17, 2016

Manufacturing stays the course |November 16, 2016

Some travellers to Alberta seeing lower prices: Part II |November 15, 2016

Some travellers to Alberta seeing lower prices: Part I |November 14, 2016

New home prices still unchanged |November 10, 2016

Up and down: Self-employment in Alberta |November 9, 2016

Building permits rise, not because of the economy |November 8, 2016

Unemployment moving in opposite directions |November 7, 2016

October’s job report upbeat, with caveats |November 4, 2016

The rise and fall of gasoline prices |November 3, 2016

Is the worst over? Alberta’s GDP to grow in 2017, but full recovery will take time |November 2, 2016

Oil Falls to One-Month Low, Shrugging Off Fuel Pipeline Blast |November 1, 2016

Alberta’s exports to the European Union |November 1, 2016

Oil Tumbles to One-Month Low as OPEC Accord Remains Unresolved |October 31, 2016

Restaurant and bar numbers a real treat |October 31, 2016

GE Weighs Baker Hughes Partnership as Oil Giants Pilot Slump |October 28, 2016

The world will remain thirsty for oil |October 28, 2016

Oil Rises From 3-Week Low on Report Gulf Nations May Cut Output |October 27, 2016

Earnings bucking the trend |October 27, 2016

Will Albertans spend less on gifts this year? |October 26, 2016

Building costs falling in Alberta cities |October 25, 2016

Oil Falls One-Week Low as Russian Comments Add to Accord Doubts |October 25, 2016

All Hail Saudi Arabia’s Oil Victory |October 24, 2016

Wholesale trade numbers offer more good news |October 24, 2016

Oil Holds Above $50 in New York as Market Waits for Output Deal |October 21, 2016

Alberta shoppers holding their ground |October 21, 2016

IMF Sees Saudi Break-Even Oil Price Drop Less Than Forecast |October 20, 2016

E.I. numbers bring a bit of good news |October 20, 2016

Equities Rise as Oil Jumps to 15-Month High; Loonie Erases Gains |October 19, 2016

Now boarding: International air travel to Alberta is taking off |October 19, 2016

OPEC Reversal Is Gift to Oil Majors After 2 Years of ‘Hell’ |October 18, 2016

Manufacturing engineers a win in August |October 18, 2016

Oil Falls to One-Week Low as OPEC Supply Climbs, Rig Count Grows |October 17, 2016

Construction spending eases up |October 14, 2016

Alberta strikes panel for recommendations on oil refining, upgrading |October 13, 2016

Forestry today: Part II Forestry’s role in Manufacturing |October 13, 2016

Crude holds above US$50 on Putin’s pledge to curb production |October 12, 2016

Forestry today: Part I Lumber prices stay strong ahead of Softwood Lumber agreement |October 12, 2016

Putin Says Russia Ready to Join OPEC Effort to Limit Oil Supply |October 11, 2016

Housing starts rebound |October 11, 2016

Alberta employment shakes off summertime blues |October 7, 2016

Business bankruptcies on the decline |October 4, 2016

Overtime hours sliding in Alberta during recession |October 3, 2016

Stable restaurant receipts may mask deeper problems |September 30, 2016

What’s oil doing? |September 29, 2016

More Albertans packing their bags and leaving |September 28, 2016

Retail’s recessionary reactions in Alberta |September 27, 2016

Retail sales slumping… not collapsing |September 23, 2016

E.I. claims grow to new heights |September 22, 2016

Wholesale activity slides back down |September 21, 2016

Women in the workplace: Part II – Young women seeing highest rates of unemployment |September 20, 2016

Women in the workplace: Part I – Women faring better than men in job losses |September 19, 2016

Manufacturing shipments slide in July |September 16, 2016

Putting education to work: Education and employment in Alberta |September 15, 2016

What’s your major? Post-secondary education levels in Alberta |September 14, 2016

Home renovations holding up well |September 13, 2016

Residential building slows at the end of summer |September 12, 2016

A little goods news in the job market |September 9, 2016

New house prices steady |September 8, 2016

Economy weighs on non-residential investment |September 7, 2016

Any volunteers? |September 6, 2016

Exports stuck in second gear |September 2, 2016

Alberta tourism still growing |September 1, 2016

Oil Declines to Two-Week Low After U.S. Crude Stockpiles Climb |August 31, 2016

NEB suspends hearings into Energy East after protests as Alberta reinforces messaging efforts |August 31, 2016

Restaurant sales remain solid |August 31, 2016

Oil Falls to Two-Week Low as U.S. Supply Gain Seen, Dollar Rises |August 30, 2016

A breakdown of Alberta’s retail sector |August 30, 2016

Petroleum equipment prices starting to ease up |August 29, 2016

Trudeau heads to China to woo trade and revive oilsands investment amid weak growth |August 29, 2016

Oil Industry Shifts From Survival to Growth |August 26, 2016

Housing investment falls to 2012 levels |August 26, 2016

Canada Stocks Fall Most in Two Months as Resources Pace Declines |August 25, 2016

Oil Climbs as Iran Seen Taking Part in Informal OPEC Meeting |August 25, 2016

Average earnings rise in June |August 25, 2016

Trudeau Faces Split Aboriginal Groups in Kinder Morgan Ruling |August 24, 2016

Oil Extends Decline After Unexpected U.S. Crude Stockpile Gain |August 24, 2016

Canada Stocks Rise, Reverse Loss as Couche-Tard Jumps to Record |August 23, 2016

Provincial comparison: Ontario 2009 vs. Alberta 2015 |August 23, 2016

Canada Markets Head for Best Post-Crisis Year as Economy Snubbed |August 22, 2016

June’s wholesale trade numbers bring some good news |August 22, 2016

Crude Oil in Bull Market Caps Biggest Weekly Gain Since March |August 19, 2016

Retail sales fall but still show stabilization |August 19, 2016

E.I. recipients rate of growth slows again |August 18, 2016

Oil Has Longest Winning Run in Over a Year as Supply Glut Eases |August 17, 2016

OPEC’s Former Head Says Conditions Right for Oil-Freeze Deal |August 17, 2016

Has Alberta’s manufacturing diversified? |August 17, 2016

Manufacturing perking up |August 16, 2016

Gasoline sales falling in Alberta |August 15, 2016

Alberta’s labour market Part 4: Why has the work force been so stable? |August 12, 2016

Alberta’s labour market Part 3: Which sectors are winners? And which are losers? |August 11, 2016

Alberta’s labour market Part 2: Has the quality of jobs deteriorated? |August 10, 2016

Alberta’s labour market Part 1: Is it really as bad as the 1980s? |August 9, 2016

Oil Rises as OPEC Plans Informal Talks, Predicts Higher Prices |August 8, 2016

Oil Declines as Dollar Advances on Strong U.S. Employment Data |August 5, 2016

Modest job losses in July |August 5, 2016

As oilpatch bleeds jobs, Alberta’s high-tech sector finds itself in desperate need of workers it can’t find |August 4, 2016

Wages hit harder now than during last financial crisis |August 4, 2016

Oil Rises as U.S. Gasoline Supply Decrease Outweighs Crude Gain |August 3, 2016

Alberta bankruptcies challenge expectations |August 3, 2016

Oil Drops Amid Global Economy Concerns and Crude Oversupply |August 2, 2016

Crude Oil May Rebound to $57 Next Year, Analysts Say |August 2, 2016

$60 Is the New $50 for U.S. Oil Drillers Waiting for Rebound |July 29, 2016

ATB Survey shows growing optimism |July 29, 2016

U.S. Shale Gas Shaking Up Global Markets as LNG Supply Surges |July 28, 2016

Wages cut…again |July 28, 2016

Oil and Gas M&A Seen Accelerating as Fear of Bad Deals Fade |July 27, 2016

Alberta’s crop exports are truly global |July 27, 2016

Alberta Plans Legal Challenge Over Canceled Power Deals |July 26, 2016

Alberta’s global exports see incredible growth |July 26, 2016

Morgan Stanley on Oil Prices: ‘A Refinery-Driven Correction Is Upon Us’ |July 25, 2016

Staying in school pays off |July 25, 2016

Canada Inflation Holds at 1.5% as Cheaper Gas Offsets Home Costs |July 22, 2016

Retail sales still stabilizing |July 22, 2016

Oil Falls Amid Stockpile Glut as Investors Wait for Stimulus |July 21, 2016

Wildfire causes E.I. claims to swell |July 21, 2016

Trudeau Commits to Carbon Price Amid Provincial Opposition |July 20, 2016

Oil Maintains Losses as EIA Report Shows Stockpiles Shrink |July 20, 2016

Alberta faces longest economic downturn since early 1980s, deeper than 2009: TD |July 19, 2016

Alberta’s shop floors less busy in May |July 18, 2016

Oil Producers Prepare for Second-Half Slump as Rally Sputters |July 18, 2016

Non-residential construction moderating in 2016 |July 15, 2016

Shale Revolution Extended to Old Wells Seen Unleashing More Oil |July 15, 2016

Energy East Gets Unions’ Backing: Pipeline Called A ‘Nation-Building’ Job Creator |July 15, 2016

Alberta housing starts respond to conditions |July 14, 2016

Oil Patch Buying Time With Stock Sales as Bust Drags on |July 14, 2016

Are the kids all right? Alberta youth unemployment through a downturn |July 13, 2016

Finance Department memo says no new oil pipeline needed ’until at least 2025’ |July 13, 2016

OPEC Producer Sees Oil at $60 Until 2018 With Demand Picking Up |July 13, 2016

OPEC Sees Rising Crude Demand in 2017 as Saudis Pump Near Record |July 12, 2016

Alberta to cut royalty rates in effort to squeeze out more oil, gas production |July 12, 2016

Tough times will continue for many Albertans; ATB Economic Outlook |July 12, 2016

Oil Whipsaws as Dollar Firms, Stimulus Hopes Spur Stock Rally |July 11, 2016

Lumber prices holding up nicely |July 11, 2016

Jobs report raining on the parade |July 8, 2016

Oil Climbs as U.S. Jobs Data Alleviates Concern About Economy |July 8, 2016

Oil-Sands Crude Returns to U.S. Market When It’s Less Needed |July 8, 2016

Alberta Wildfires Costliest Insured Disaster Ever in Canada |July 8, 2016

Lost Generation of Oil Workers Leaves Few Options for Next Boom |July 7, 2016

Construction intentions continue to bounce around |July 7, 2016

Oil Swings Between Gains, Losses as Traders Weigh Brexit Effect |July 6, 2016

Feeding the world |July 6, 2016

Bankruptcies fall in April |July 5, 2016

World’s Top Oil Trader Says Prices Won’t Rise Much Further |July 5, 2016

Calgary businesses hoping for Stampede boost as energy downturn drags on: ‘It’s Christmas in July’ |July 4, 2016

Brent Oil Trades Near $50 as Nigeria Militants Renew Attacks |July 4, 2016

Canada M&A Hits Brexit Roadblock After Roaring Start to 2016 |July 4, 2016

The United States is Alberta’s best customer |July 4, 2016

Earnings still drifting lower |June 30, 2016

CEOs Feel Pain as Oil Price Slump Hits Canadian Energy Producers |June 30, 2016

A look at UK immigration |June 29, 2016

Get your motor runnin’ |June 28, 2016

Three Amigos to align on climate, clean energy plan, says White House |June 28, 2016

Canadian Stocks Fall Second Day as Banks Slump on Brexit Fallout |June 28, 2016

SEC Sues ‘Frack Master’ for Investor Cash Spent on Strippers |June 27, 2016

Oil Caps Biggest Two-Day Loss Since February on Brexit Fallout |June 27, 2016

Housing investment drops |June 27, 2016

Oil Glut Is Fading Where You Would Least Expect: Saudi Arabia |June 24, 2016

Alberta’s ties with Britain |June 24, 2016

Canadian Oil Asset Deals Seen Hurt by Surprise Alberta Ruling |June 23, 2016

Saudi Arabia Declares Cease-Fire in Oil War |June 23, 2016

Rate of growth in E.I. recipients slows |June 22, 2016

Alberta toughens regulations to cope with court ruling on orphan wells |June 21, 2016

Wholesale trade numbers reveal lower business sentiment |June 21, 2016

Oil Rally Runs Out of Steam as Canadian Wildfire Threat Fades |June 20, 2016

Renters starting to see a break |June 20, 2016

Out-migration from Alberta holding steady |June 17, 2016

Canadian Natural sets million-barrel target if oil prices rise above $60 |June 17, 2016

OPEC Turmoil Could Turn IEA’s Balanced Market Into Shortfall |June 16, 2016

Crude Tumbles to One-Month Low on Concern Global Growth to Slow |June 16, 2016

Saskatchewan Premier Wall aims to woo Quebec on Energy East as opposition grows |June 16, 2016

Alberta housing construction on par with national average |June 16, 2016

Manufacturing shipments grow, but still show weakness |June 15, 2016

Oil Pares Losses After U.S. Crude Supplies Decline a Fourth Week |June 15, 2016

Giant Wildfire Is No Longer the Canadian Oil Industry’s Biggest Problem |June 14, 2016

IEA Cuts Oil Surplus Estimate, Sees Market Balance in 2017 |June 14, 2016

More tourists choose Alberta |June 14, 2016

Self-employment continues to bounce around |June 13, 2016

Crude Oil Trades Near $49 in New York Ahead of Brexit Vote |June 13, 2016

OPEC Sees Global Oil Market Balancing Toward the End of 2016 |June 13, 2016

Rebuilding Poised to Lift Canadian City Scorched by Wildfires |June 10, 2016

Oil patch woes continue to grind on Alberta’s job market |June 10, 2016

Brad Wall pushing Energy East on trip through Central, Eastern Canada |June 10, 2016

Alberta Fire Threat Returns as Two Oil Producers Shut Sites |June 9, 2016

Oil Falls From 10-Month High as Dollar Strength Halts Rally |June 9, 2016

Premier Brad Wall: Oil and gas industry losing PR battle |June 9, 2016

Stimulating the economy with private pipeline projects rather than with public deficits |June 9, 2016

Developers strengthen building intentions in April |June 9, 2016

Housing starts struggling |June 8, 2016

Carney Says New Graduates Are Entering a Lopsided Job Market |June 8, 2016

Oil Settles Above $50 for First Time in More Than 10 Months |June 7, 2016

Alberta petrochemical fund draws more interest than government was expecting |June 7, 2016

A mixed bag of farm prices |June 7, 2016

U.S. Shale Drillers Restart Oil Rigs as Market Improves |June 6, 2016

Oil Rises to Seven-Month High as Abu Dhabi Sees Surplus Easing |June 6, 2016

Non-permanent residents in Alberta |June 6, 2016

OPEC states fail to reach deal on production |June 3, 2016

Dining out during a recession |June 3, 2016

OPEC Skips Output Limit, Finds Unity in Oil Price Optimism |June 2, 2016

Fort McMurray Residents Face ‘Shock’ on Return After Wildfires |June 2, 2016

Saudis Said to Seek Restoration of OPEC Unity After Doha |June 1, 2016

Crude Oil Closes Near $49 as OPEC Seen Discussing Output Ceiling |June 1, 2016

March shows more consumer bankruptcies |June 1, 2016

Oil Set for Longest Run of Gains in 5 Years Before OPEC Meeting |May 31, 2016

Canada Economy Fades Through 1st Quarter as Investment Falls |May 31, 2016

Oil States Expected to Stick by Saudis: OPEC Reality Check |May 30, 2016

Where’s the beef? Alberta’s exports to Japan |May 30, 2016

Oil Trims Third Weekly Gain as Canadian Crude Supply Returns |May 27, 2016

Trump Vows to Undo Obama Actions, Paris Deal in Energy Speech |May 27, 2016

Oil prices crawling higher |May 27, 2016

Earnings inch higher in March, but are still lower than a year ago |May 26, 2016

Trump Heads to Shale Country to Make Energy Policy Pitch |May 26, 2016

Canadian Oil Price Barely Moves as Inventories Blunt Fire’s Blow |May 26, 2016

U.S. Stocks Fail to Build on Rally as Brent Pulls Back From $50 |May 26, 2016

Oil Advances as U.S. Crude Inventories Projected to Decline |May 25, 2016

Farm profitability strong last year  |May 25, 2016

Home prices stable in 2016 and 2017 |May 24, 2016

Notley getting kudos for handling of Fort McMurray so far, but challenges remain |May 24, 2016

Canada’s Oil-Sands Producers Set to Re-Enter Evacuated Sites |May 24, 2016

Oil Set for Second Weekly Gain as U.S. Output Continues Decline |May 20, 2016

Alberta’s Wildfires Couldn’t Have Come at a Worse Time for the Local Economy |May 20, 2016

Retail sales dip, but showing signs of stabilizing |May 20, 2016

Fort McMurray residents can begin return June 1 if conditions met: Notley |May 19, 2016

Employment insurance levels march closer to all-time highs |May 19, 2016

Fort McMurray evacuation begins third week with no sign of return to normalcy |May 18, 2016

Crude Oil Retreats After Federal Reserve Minutes Bolster Dollar |May 18, 2016

Rain Coming to Alberta May Slow Wildfires That Doubled in Size |May 18, 2016

The rise of crude |May 18, 2016

After 41 Years, Saudi Arabia’s Treasuries Holdings Are Unveiled |May 17, 2016

Goldman Surprised by Sudden Oil-Market Turn as Glut Vanishes |May 17, 2016

Canadian natural gas prices dip below a dollar |May 17, 2016

Oil Drillers Adding Hedges as Crude Closes In on $50 a Barrel |May 16, 2016

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week |May 16, 2016

Oil Rises to Six-Month High as Goldman Sees Demand Above Output |May 16, 2016

Oil Trims Weekly Gain as Surplus Persists Despite Supply Losses |May 13, 2016

Alberta Oil Camps Set for Staff Invasion as Production Returns |May 13, 2016

Oil extraction and exports tumble |May 13, 2016

Job vacancy rates differ by region |May 12, 2016

Oil Trades Near $46 a Barrel as Canada Oil-Sands Output Resumes |May 12, 2016

IEA Sees Smaller Global Oil Surplus as India Drives Demand Gains |May 12, 2016

British Columbia Takes Lead in Canada Growth as Alberta Stumbles |May 12, 2016

The U.S. Doesn’t Need a CEO in Chief |May 11, 2016

Canadian Economy Avoids Worst-Case Fears From Alberta Wildfires |May 11, 2016

Bulk of Canada’s Oil-Sands Plants Seen Up in Days to Weeks |May 11, 2016

Oil and Gas Drag Down Canada Investment Plans for Second Year |May 10, 2016

Canada’s Oil-Sands Begin Restart Plans as Fire Threat Passes |May 10, 2016

Alberta Oil Town at Heart of Wildfires Remains 85% Intact |May 10, 2016

Investment in Alberta set to drop for a second year |May 10, 2016

Self-employment numbers down |May 9, 2016

Saudi Prince Puts His Stamp on Major Government Overhaul |May 9, 2016

After 20 Years, OPEC Bids Farewell to Saudi Arabia Oil Chief |May 9, 2016

Canada’s Oil Output Spared Fire Damage Seen Able to Rebound |May 9, 2016

Job losses continue to mount |May 6, 2016

Consumers Keep Canada Economy Afloat as Oil Damage Persists |May 6, 2016

Oil Pares Weekly Loss as U.S. Adds Fewest Jobs in Seven Months |May 6, 2016

The Unloved Business That’s Saved Big Oil From Low Energy Prices |May 5, 2016

Wildfire Cuts Canadian Oil Output as More Flee Growing Blaze |May 5, 2016

U.S. Slowdown Spills Over as Canada Trade Gap Hits Record |May 4, 2016

Oil Sands Fire Forcing 80,000 Canadians From Homes Set to Expand |May 4, 2016

Trade data reveals economic tenderness |May 4, 2016

Agricultural exports helping to meet global demand |May 3, 2016

Strong bitumen blending prices expected to continue to hurt oilsands |May 3, 2016

Trump, Cruz Escalate Fight as Indiana Voting Draws to a Close |May 3, 2016

Oil Settles Below $44 in New York Before U.S. Stockpile Report |May 3, 2016

G-7 Pledges to Support Energy Investments Amid Oil Downturn |May 2, 2016

Crude Declines in New York After Iraq Exports Approach Record |May 2, 2016

Failed Halliburton, Baker Hughes Deal Drew Dozens of Foes |May 2, 2016

Alberta slips to second in restaurant spending |May 2, 2016

Oil-Sands Cash Burn Deepens as Cheap Canadian Crude Saps Profits |April 29, 2016

Oil Falls as Surging OPEC Production Seen Worsening Global Glut |April 29, 2016

Forget Justin Trudeau, It’s Oil That’s Driving This Loonie Rally |April 29, 2016

Alberta facing second year of recession |April 29, 2016

PSAC Significantly Lowers Its 2016 Drilling Activity Forecast: No Improvement to Sector Activity or Market Access |April 28, 2016

Employee earnings lower than a year ago |April 28, 2016

Oil Trades Near $45 as U.S. Crude Production Slump Continues |April 28, 2016

Oil Climbs Above $45 Amid U.S. Crude Output Drop, Fed Statement |April 27, 2016

Trudeau’s Pipeline Stance Unclear: Ambrose |April 27, 2016

The elephant in the room: Alberta’s oil and gas exports |April 26, 2016

Engineering Graduates Wait Up To 1 Year To Find Work |April 26, 2016

Crude Oil Increases as Excess Global Stockpile Seen Shrinking |April 26, 2016

Oil Falls as Rising Middle East Supply Seen Boosting Global Glut |April 25, 2016

Trudeau under growing pressure to lead charge for pipelines |April 25, 2016

How much do Albertans spend on home renovations? |April 25, 2016

Royalty changes promote jobs, investment and innovation |April 22, 2016

Alberta sets out details of modernized conventional oil and gas royalties |April 22, 2016

Oil Set for Third Weekly Gain as Traders See Market Rebalancing |April 22, 2016

The Size of the Oil Glut Depends on Your Perspective |April 21, 2016

Employment insurance inching to 2009 levels |April 21, 2016

Crude Rises to 5-Month High as U.S. Output Slips, Talks Planned |April 20, 2016

BoC’s Poloz Says Global Monetary Stimulus Is Reaching its Limit |April 20, 2016

Canadian Stocks Extend Five-Month High as Silver, Oil Rally |April 20, 2016

Oil Climbs First Time in 5 Days Amid Kuwait Strike, Dollar Drop |April 19, 2016

Plans To Talk Up the Oil Price Backfired |April 19, 2016

Alberta finance minister says no sales tax to fill budget deficit |April 19, 2016

A tale of two cities: Diverging unemployment rates in Alberta’s major centres |April 19, 2016

Step 1 in New Canada Financial Diplomacy: Preaching to Choir |April 18, 2016

United States still our best customer by far |April 18, 2016

OPEC Talks a Good Game |April 15, 2016

Oil Freeze: Everything You Need to Know About the Doha Summit |April 15, 2016

Alberta Budget 2016: Winners And Losers |April 15, 2016

Non-residential building activity softens |April 15, 2016

Leading Canadian fund manager is betting oil rally is just starting |April 14, 2016

Loonie Bulls Are Put on Notice as Poloz Taps Brakes After Rally |April 14, 2016

Deal or No Deal, Oil Freeze Seen Having Little Supply Impact |April 14, 2016

Oil Slips Before Doha Talks as IEA Sees Global Market Balancing |April 14, 2016

Calgary Commercial Real Estate Vacancies Near 20% |April 13, 2016

Oil Can Top $50 a Barrel With Freeze Deal, Bank of America Says |April 13, 2016

Canadian Dollar Near 9-Month High as Poloz Keeps Rates Unchanged |April 13, 2016

Seeing the forest AND the trees: A bright spot for Alberta’s economy |April 12, 2016

Oil Advances to Four-Month High as U.S. Shale Production Slides |April 12, 2016

Alberta NDP scraps tax credit plan to reward business for new hires |April 12, 2016

Down and Maybe Out, Canada’s Oil Producers Mull Recovery Chances |April 11, 2016

Oil Climbs to Four-Month High as Doha Talks on Output Cap Near |April 11, 2016

Employment surges higher in March |April 8, 2016

Employment Surge in March Takes Canadian Rate Cut Off Table |April 8, 2016

Canada Dollar Surges Most in 3 Weeks After Hiring Tops Estimates |April 8, 2016

Oil Rises Most in Two Months on U.S. Output Drop, Freeze Talks |April 8, 2016

Drillers Go Rigless as Gas Price Collapse Heralds Austerity Era |April 7, 2016

Oil Falls Amid Speculation U.S. Supply Decrease Won’t Ease Glut |April 7, 2016

Capital spending in Canada’s oil-gas industry drops 62% in two years: CAPP |April 7, 2016

Building permits jump up thanks to one city |April 7, 2016

Wilkins Says China Demand for Canadian Resources to Keep Rising |April 6, 2016

Oil Maintains Gains as U.S. Crude Supply Drops From 86-Year High |April 6, 2016

Exports matter to Alberta  |April 6, 2016

Pump prices positively pleasing |April 5, 2016

Oil Trades Near 1-Month Low as U.S. Supplies Seen Expanding Glut |April 5, 2016

Premier Wall Returns to Power as Saskatchewan Economy Stumbles |April 5, 2016

Oil Gets So Near, and Yet… |April 4, 2016

Canada’s Ever-Shrinking Oil Industry Braces for More Job Cuts |April 4, 2016

Personal bankruptcies and proposals show tenderness |April 1, 2016

Keep Your Powder Dry, Says Economist Who Predicted Canada GDP |April 1, 2016

Oil industry welcomes Alberta Energy Regulator’s cost savings |April 1, 2016

Oil Erases 2016 Gains as Saudis Say Output Freeze Hinges on Iran |April 1, 2016

Canadian Stocks Slip as S&P/TSX Posts Best Month Since 2011 |April 1, 2016

Canada GDP Grows Most in 3 Years With Manufacturing Surge |March 31, 2016

It’s Merger Mania for Canada as Deals Reach Record $83 Billion |March 31, 2016

Oil Closes Near $38 as Dollar Recovers, U.S. Stockpiles Grow |March 31, 2016

Average earnings tumble in January |March 31, 2016

Construction workers’ wages stalled |March 30, 2016

Trump Finds Common Ground With Cruz in Opposition to Carbon Tax |March 30, 2016

Business groups urge New Brunswick to lift fracking moratorium |March 30, 2016

Oil Extends Gains After EIA Shows Refinery Demand Increases |March 30, 2016

Is Alberta more innovative? |March 29, 2016

Canadians Are More Optimistic After Morneau Outlines Fiscal Plan |March 29, 2016

Canadian Energy Companies Scoop Up Debt Cheapened by Oil Rout |March 28, 2016

Oil Closes Near $39 Amid Doubts Producer Talks Will Curb Glut |March 28, 2016

U.S. Oil Explorers Return to Parking Rigs as Supplies Build |March 25, 2016

Billionaire investor Murray Edwards leaves oilpatch, decamps from Calgary to London |March 25, 2016

Number of E.I. recipients edges higher |March 24, 2016

Texas Is Still Booming, Despite the Oil Bust |March 24, 2016

Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg Rockefellers Dump Exxon Holdings That Made Family’s Fortune |March 24, 2016

Conservatives win Calgary byelection; NDP come in fourth behind Liberals |March 24, 2016

City hotels struggle while Alberta resorts show muscle |March 23, 2016

Bay Street Happy With What Trudeau’s First Budget Didn’t Do |March 23, 2016

Oil Maintains Decline as U.S. Crude Stockpile Gain Adds to Glut |March 23, 2016

Canada Budget at a Glance: Key Takeaways from Morneau’s Plan |March 23, 2016

Vehicle sales fall considerably, yet Albertans still buying the most |March 23, 2016

Drillers Can’t Replace Lost Output as $100 Oil Inheritance Spent |March 22, 2016

Saudi Aramco Sees Oil Rising as Demand Catches Up With Supply |March 22, 2016

Oil Closes Above $41 After Brussels Attack, Forecast Supply Gain |March 22, 2016

Trudeau Will Push Canada Into the Red With `Unsexy’ Debut Budget |March 22, 2016

February’s inflation breakdown |March 21, 2016

Canadian Agency Extends Application for Petronas LNG Project |March 21, 2016

Oil Trades Near $39 on Speculation Global Crude Glut to Decline |March 21, 2016

Justin Trudeau’s Message to Wall Street: I Am Not My Father |March 18, 2016

Oil Investors See $7.4 Billion Vanish as Dividends Targeted |March 17, 2016

Canada’s future under Trudeau looks bright |March 17, 2016

This May Be One $4.2 Trillion Reason to Double Green Energy |March 17, 2016

Crude Oil Rises Above $40 in New York for First Time in 3 Months |March 17, 2016

Luck of the Irish? Exports from Alberta to Ireland stumble last year |March 17, 2016

Alberta manufacturing continues to struggle |March 16, 2016

Oil Rises on Meeting Plan, Smaller-Than-Forecast Supply Gain |March 16, 2016

Near-Record Cash `Comfort’ for Canada Oil Firms Amid Price Rout |March 16, 2016

Alberta has the youngest population, but it’s aging |March 15, 2016

Obama Bars Atlantic Offshore Oil Drilling in Policy Reversal |March 15, 2016

Iran on Oil Freeze: ‘Leave Us Alone’ Until Production Higher |March 14, 2016

Shale Patch Pain Sees Speculators Boost Bets on Oil Price Rise |March 14, 2016

The U.S.-Canada War Over Gas Market Share Will Heat Up in 2017 |March 14, 2016

Oil Falls From Three-Month High as Iran Refuses to Join Freeze |March 14, 2016

US rig count drops 9 this week to all-time low of 480 |March 14, 2016

Immigration largest source of new Albertans |March 14, 2016

In Drive to Deflate Natural Gas Surplus, U.S. Pounces on Canada |March 11, 2016

Oil Heads for Fourth Weekly Gain as U.S. Fuel Demand Strengthens |March 11, 2016

Alberta adds jobs in February, but… |March 11, 2016

Alberta is a population powerhouse |March 10, 2016

Perch – People power: Population trends in Alberta Volume 1 Issue 3 | March 2016

Jim Carr: Liberals Share ‘Common Objective’ With Energy East Pipeline Supporters |March 10, 2016

Death of a Shale Man: The Final Days of Aubrey McClendon |March 10, 2016

Poloz Keeps Key Rate at 0.5%, Sets Stage for March 22 Budget |March 10, 2016

Canada Dollar Reaches Four-Month High With Central Bank on Hold |March 10, 2016

Economic pain turning into emotional pain |March 9, 2016

Russia’s Oil Dilemma, Explained |March 9, 2016

Canada Pipeline Safety Law to Take Effect in June, Minister Says |March 9, 2016

Alberta to Form Oil-Sands Advisory to Help Implement CO2 Policy |March 9, 2016

Building permits pull back to start the year |March 8, 2016

Shale Gas Proves More Resilient Than U.S. Government Expected |March 8, 2016

Old-School Ways Beating Oil Rout in Birthplace of Petroleum Age |March 8, 2016

Commodity Resurgence Turns Canadian Stocks From Zero to Hero |March 8, 2016

Canada’s arts and entertainment scene performing well  |March 7, 2016

U.S. Shale Rigs Nearing Record Low as Drillers Conserve Cash |March 7, 2016

Brent Crude Oil Rises to $40 for First Time Since December |March 7, 2016

Exports continue to underwhelm |March 4, 2016

Investigations into energy magnate’s death could take months |March 4, 2016

Canadian Stocks Rally Sixth Day as Commodities Continue to Surge |March 4, 2016

Few score in overtime in 2015 |March 3, 2016

Justin Trudeau’s message to world: Let government spending do the work |March 3, 2016

Oil Trades Near 8-Week High After Drop in U.S. Crude Production |March 3, 2016

Rush of Share Sales Evidence Canada’s Oil Patch Starting to Thaw |March 2, 2016

Shale Oil Isn’t Saudi Arabia’s Only Nemesis |March 2, 2016

Ambrose Points Out Trudeau Policy Gap on Bombardier, Pipelines |March 2, 2016

GDP by industry to close 2015 |March 2, 2016

Canadian GDP in 2015 |March 1, 2016

Here Are the Energy Miracles Bill Gates Is Hoping For |March 1, 2016

Oil Closes at Two-Month High as Equities Rise, OPEC Output Slips |March 1, 2016

Canada Dollar Rises to 2-Month High on Optimism Oil Losses Done |February 26, 2016

U.S. Shale Oil Drillers are Finally Buckling |February 26, 2016

Oil Heads for Biggest Weekly Gain Since 2009 Amid Producer Talk |February 26, 2016

Wage data in for the end 2015 |February 25, 2016

Outlook for Mounting U.S. Gas Glut Sends Futures to 10-Week Low |February 25, 2016

Mexico Says Oil Prices Won’t Recover Until Second Half of 2017 |February 25, 2016

This oil stock shows it’s not all gloom in Canada’s energy patch |February 24, 2016

IEA Sees Oil Rising to $80 by 2020 as Output Growth Slows |February 24, 2016

Oil Advances as Cheap Gasoline Leads U.S. Fuel Stocks to Drop |February 24, 2016

New housing investment numbers slump to close 2015 |February 23, 2016

Oil Falls as Saudi Arabia’s Naimi Says Market to Set Price |February 23, 2016

IEA Rings `Alarm Bells’ on Deeper Oil Industry Spending Cuts |February 23, 2016

Alberta’s exports to BRIC countries  |February 22, 2016

OPEC’s Path From Oil Freeze to Output Cuts Is Far From Clear |February 22, 2016

CIBC, Scotiabank Worst Hit in Severe Oil Slump, Moody’s Says |February 22, 2016

Top Oil States to Complete Output Talks by March 1, Russia Says |February 22, 2016

Alberta retailers feel the holiday blues |February 19, 2016

Number of Alberta EI recipients doubled in 2015 |February 19, 2016

OPEC’s Weakest Link Venezuela Sees Payoff in Oil Freeze |February 19, 2016

Doha 90 Minutes Earn Saudi Arabia $1 Billion a Month: Chart |February 19, 2016

Oil Falls Below $30 as Rising U.S. Crude Stockpiles Expand Glut |February 19, 2016

Toronto Developer Delays Alberta Condos Amid Oil Crunch |February 18, 2016

Oil Pares Gain After U.S. Crude Inventories Rise to 86-Year High |February 18, 2016

E.I. claims climb higher |February 18, 2016

The winners of manufacturing in 2015 |February 17, 2016

There’s One Place Where OPEC Can’t Broker an Oil Deal: Texas |February 17, 2016

Manufacturing ends 2015 on a weak note |February 16, 2016

Calgary Condos Post Biggest Decline Since Financial Crisis |February 16, 2016

Saudi Arabia, Russia to Freeze Oil Output Near Record Levels |February 16, 2016

Oil Advances for a Second Day After Bullish Bets Increase |February 15, 2016

Survey shows Albertans continue to spend the most |February 12, 2016

Oil Rises Most in Three Weeks in Rebound From Lowest Since 2003 |February 12, 2016

Oil extraction and exports rise |February 11, 2016

Canadian Regulator Sees Petronas Project Harming Environment |February 11, 2016

Population growth still strong |February 10, 2016

Here’s What Bank Executives Are Saying About Energy Markets |February 10, 2016

Oil Drillers Must Slash Another $24 Billion This Year, IHS Says |February 9, 2016

Brent Oil Falls Most in 5 Months on Glut as Volatility Surges |February 9, 2016

Premier Brad Wall Pitches Plan To Stimulate Oil And Gas Sector To Trudeau |February 9, 2016

Non-residential permits seal year-end growth |February 8, 2016

Oil Falls With Equities as Venezuela Tour Doesn’t Deliver Deal |February 8, 2016

Four of America’s Shale Gas Plays are Now Void of All Drilling |February 8, 2016

Job situation worsens in kick off to 2016 |February 5, 2016

Canada Unemployment Rate Rises With Alberta’s Highest Since 1996 |February 5, 2016

Downturn causes accommodation rates to fall |February 4, 2016

NEB says Energy East application too hard to understand, orders change|February 4, 2016

Texas Isn’t Scared of $30 Oil |February 4, 2016

Canadian Dollar Reaches Highest in One Month as Oil Halts Rout |February 4, 2016

Oil Rises a Second Day as Dollar Weakness Spurs Commodity Demand |February 4, 2016

Shocking news: Electricity prices nearly unchanged since ‘02 |February 3, 2016

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg If You’re Wondering How Low U.S. Gas Can Go, Check the Rig Count |February 3, 2016

Earnings gap between Alberta and Canada is narrowing |February 2, 2016

Bomb attacks on pipelines cause massive oil spill in Nigeria |February 2, 2016

Oil Declines a Second Day as U.S. Crude Stockpiles Seen Rising |February 2, 2016

Texas Shale Drillers Lure $2 Billion in New Equity to Permian |February 2, 2016

Trudeau Should ‘Champion’ Energy Sector, Brad Wall Says |February 2, 2016

Alberta’s labour force participation in a downturn |February 1, 2016

Alberta Royalty Review: ‘We Were Right All Along,’ Wildrose Leader Says |February 1, 2016

Alberta kicks off royalty review |February 1, 2016

Oil Rally Falters on Signs of Slowing China as OPEC Output Rises |February 1, 2016

Alberta’s New Royalty Framework Overview

Canadian GDP grows in November |January 29, 2016

Paris Climate Deal Seen Costing $12.1 Trillion Over 25 Years |January 29, 2016

This Oil Driller’s Budget Would Barely Cover a Hamptons Home |January 29, 2016

Employers continue to ratchet down payroll costs |January 28, 2016

Ottawa adds additional steps to pipeline reviews |January 28, 2016

Canada Lengthens Pipeline Wait as Trudeau Seeks to Break Logjam |January 28, 2016

Oil Pares Gains as OPEC Delegates Temper Russia Meeting Talk |January 28, 2016

Oil extraction picks up again |January 27, 2016

Alberta endures most annual job losses since early 1980s recession |January 27, 2016

Energy East Pipeline Will Benefit All Of Canada: Alberta Mayors |January 27, 2016

Oil Shock Drives Consumer Optimism to New Low in Canada Prairies |January 26, 2016

Oil Rises Amid Talk That OPEC, Russia to Reconsider Production |January 26, 2016

Oil Prices May Take Three Years to Normalize, BMO’s Downe Says |January 25, 2016

Oil Drops as Saudis to Maintain Spending, China Diesel Use Falls |January 25, 2016

Kathleen Wynne gives tentative backing to Energy East pipeline as Rachel Notley faces criticism over project |January 25, 2016

Alberta’s retail spending per capita still leads country |January 25, 2016

Overall inflation still low, but food inflation is taking off |January 22, 2016

Canada’s Trudeau to Release First Budget in March, Party Says |January 22, 2016

Blame Canada for Making the Oil Glut Worse |January 22, 2016

Oil Rises in Biggest Rally in Seven Years Amid Volatility Surge |January 22, 2016

Employment Insurance levels nearing 2009 highs |January 21, 2016

Rough Start to 2016 Brings Down Canadian Oil Company Spending |January 21, 2016

Crude Oil Climbs From 12-Year Low as Investors Search for Bottom |January 21, 2016

Canada Dollar Snaps Record Slide as Central Bank Holds at 0.5% |January 21, 2016

Manufacturing activity continues to drop lower |January 20, 2016

Some Bankrupt Oil and Gas Drillers Can’t Give Their Assets Away |January 20, 2016

Oil Tumbles Most in Four Months as Gloom Deepens for Producers |January 20, 2016

Canada Dollar Extends Record Slide Before Central Bank Decision |January 20, 2016

New vehicle sales frost over |January 19, 2016

The North Dakota Crude Oil That’s Worth Almost Nothing |January 19, 2016

Barclays Says Canada Will Cut Key Rate to Zero in 2016 on Oil |January 19, 2016

Trudeau Said To Weigh Quicker Stimulus For Hard-Hit Alberta |January 19, 2016

Non-residential construction held on in 2015 |January 18, 2016

Brent Trades Near 12-Year Low as Iran Comeback to Swell Glut |January 18, 2016

Jim Carr, Natural Resources Minister, Says Liberals Will Get Oil, Gas To Tidewater |January 18, 2016

Canada Investor Nerves Wear Thin With Loonie, Stock Plunge |January 18, 2016

Saudi Oil Minister Says He’s Optimistic Crude Prices to Rise |January 18, 2016

Initial Version of new Directive PNG017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations |January 18, 2016

Future Changes to Oil and Gas Measurement Requirements and Implementation of EPAP in Saskatchewan |January 18, 2016

Alberta’s self-employment numbers jump in December |January 15, 2016

Alberta Royalty System Revamp Needs Incentives, Opposition Says |January 15, 2016

Policy Uncertainty Main Reason for Reduced Investor Confidence in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector |January 15, 2016

Albertans in for another tough year: ATB’s Economic Outlook |January 14, 2016

Alberta Freezes Salaries Of Non-Unionized Government Staff |January 14, 2016

Record Low Loonie in Top Forecaster’s Sights Amid Commodity Rout |January 14, 2016

Alberta Royalty System Revamp Needs Incentives, Opposition Says |January 14, 2016

Crude Oil Rises From 12-Year Lows as Traders Assess Market Rout |January 14, 2016

Oil-Sands Slump Doesn’t Feel So Bad for Canada Maintenance Crews |January 14, 2016

Albertans spend the most on vehicles—at least for now |January 13, 2016

Rachel Notley says royalty review will not raise costs on industry now |January 13, 2016

Canada Bank CEOs Say More Poloz Rate Cuts Would Hurt Margins |January 13, 2016

Brent Crude Oil Falls Below $30 for First Time Since April 2004 |January 13, 2016

Kevin O’Leary Says He’ll Invest $1 Million In Canadian Oil If Notley Resigns |January 13, 2016

What’s the outlook for Alberta’s labour force? |January 12, 2016

Bank of Canada Says Business Pessimism Seeping Outside Oil-Patch |January 12, 2016

2015 sputters to an end for new home construction |January 11, 2016

Oil Rout Curbs Morneau’s Enthusiasm on Canada Pre-Budget Tour |January 11, 2016

Oil Misery Puts 2015 Among Worst Years Ever for Canada Jobs |January 11, 2016

Alberta’s job market at the end of 2015 |January 8, 2016

Saudi Aramco IPO, the world’s biggest, to make company more transparent |January 8, 2016

Oil Drops to 12-Year Low as China Volatility Stays in Focus |January 8, 2016

Energy on the table as Alberta and Manitoba premiers meet |January 8, 2016

Despite Protests, Oil Industry Thrives Under Obama Agenda |January 6, 2016

Exports, Oil Rebound No Panacea for Canada, Bank Economists Say |January 6, 2016

Canada Stocks Trim Slide Amid Global Equity Rout as Miners Rally |January 5, 2016

Oil Falls to Two-Week Low as U.S. Stockpiles Seen Nearing Record |January 5, 2016

Saudi Executions That Riled Iran Meant as Domestic Message |January 5, 2016

BC LNG Information kit |January 4, 2016

New GHG reporting and compliance act comes into force January 1 2016 |January 4, 2016

Oil Advances as Saudis Cut Ties With Iran After Embassy Attacked |January 4, 2016

Alberta’s environment minister on climate policy and conversation |January 4, 2016


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