Carolyn Pfau

Carolyn Pfau is a Professional Engineer and a Canadian Registered Safety Professional with over 26 years of experience in energy, environment, and air emission management. She successfully defended a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta after graduating from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering. She currently works as a Senior Emissions Specialist for the Alberta Energy Regulator.

In her role she is focused on implementation and maintenance of the methane reduction requirements outlined in Directive 060. Prior to joining the AER, Carolyn had a diverse career as an operational and process engineer for various oil and gas producers, an industrial approval engineer for Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, and an environmental engineer for two industrial waste management companies and most recently for Seven Generations Energy (now ARC Resources). Carolyn is a technical committee member for the Peace Airshed Zone Association and the Peace River Air Monitoring Program, a participant on the Pneumatics Technical Working group, a Co-Chair of the Technology for Emissions Reductions and Eco-Efficiency (TEREE) collaboration, and reviewer of the Veritas Methane Reporting Standards Guidance Document.